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I don’t just take pictures, I’m a trained photographer, which means that I take professional photographs. That might sound a bit stuffy, but that’s what you’re looking for, right?

Having begun my training in 1997 at Shrewsbury College in Shropshire, I spent two years being trained in film photography mainly specialising in black and white photography. After sixth-form I continued my studies at university in Bristol, my adopted hometown. During my degree I became more accustomed to colour photography and not only am I trained in taking professional photographs I’ve a mastered the dark room, developing both black and white and colour  photographs.

Darkroom development might not seem like a useful skill now that we’re in an age of digital photography but it teaches you the importance of editing the images. Taking a stunning images doesn’t begin and end with the camera it also requires a little love and attention in the edit. Once I’ve taken a photograph I edit and shape it into an image that will look great in an album, framed on the wall or shared online.

I shoot weddings, portraits and private commissions, although wedding photography was something that I really fell in love with after getting married myself. Until shopping around for my own wedding photographer, I’d always considered wedding photography to be a bit naff and usually taken by a weird bloke in a branded polo-shirt or dodgy suit. Not any more things have progressed over the last 10 – 15 years. Well the weird blokes taking bad pictures still exist but there are also men and women taking creative, reportage photographs that you’ll be proud of.

With all my work, portraits, weddings and private commissions, I try to create imagery that looks good. I produce photographs that are both creative and unique.

Have a look around the site for examples of my work but if you’re interested in hiring me, I’m happy to meet up, talk on the phone or answer emails so drop me a line (paul@tschornowphotography.com) or give me a call on 07533 848 807.

One last thing – my name, Tschornow is pronounced ‘Sure Know’ but for ease you can use my first name, Paul.